Steve Carter, Patron Magazine - "Cinematic musically and visually, Warren Jackson Hearne is a very singular singer/songwriter/bandleader whose music evokes the best of Ennio Morricone and Marty Robbins, with a touch of David Lynch."

D Magazine - "10 Must-See Bands at 35 Denton"

Missoula Independent - "Eleutheros! review"

Great Falls Tribune - "...one of the most original folk musicians working today..."

Dallas Observer - "The Best from 35 Denton Night One"

Central Track - "The Top 50 Local Songs of 2012"

Central Track - "Local Albums Of The Year:  2012"

New Slang - "Year in Review: Top 40 Lubbock Songs of 2012 10-6"

New Slang - "Year in Review: Top 40 Lubbock Songs of 2012 30-21"

Dallas Observer - "...everything Warren Jackson Hearne touches turns to gold..."

Dallas Observer - "Warren Jackson Hearne Keeps on Dancing with Death"

Dallas Observer - "...Le Leek Electrique, injects some soul into his ever-evolving oeuvre..."

Dallas Observer - "The Angelus, Le Leek Electrique at Dan's Silverleaf"

INDIE in the middle of nowhere - "...A big band with an even bigger sound..."

Central Track - "Le Leek Electrique Add A Bold New Dimension To Warren Jackson Hearne's Dark Sound"

Dallas Observer - "Collect All 10: Some of Your Favorite Denton Musicians In Stat Form"

New Slang - "...a southern ballad maker, crafting songs you wish you could hear in the streets of a late 1800s gold panning outpost..."

D Magazine - "...increasingly fascinating when compared to the sort of popular local nature folkies he and his band could musically chew up and spit out..."

Denton Record Chronicle - "...everything about him is authentically and uniquely him..."



If you are interested a press release, an interview, a copy of an album for review, or anything else please contact Warren at graveambitions@gmail.com.