Directed by Tim McClelland in Albuquerque, NM

"Death You're So Cold" -- From the Album "Eluetheros" by Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electrique. (2012)

Directed by Tim McC
Produced by Janelle Cee
Starring Justin Tade as “Death”

Monstrous Ballad of the Favorite Fool by Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electrique, Featuring Sabra Laval. Music Video directed by Tim McC. Art Direction by Janelle Cee. This story was inspired by the schizophrenic visions of one of C.G. Jung's early patients, as recounted in "Memories, Dreams, Reflections."

By Evan Stone, Scott Warren, Heather Barahona of Aqua Pony Films

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